Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick Update

I just wanted to quickly update from Lily's ENT appointment. He was very nice, on time and cute with Oliver as well as spoke to Lily not just me. Those are all major pluses when dealing with a Dr. He looked at her sleep study and said she had 10 apnea spells and hour and when I said "wow" he said that was moderate. Yikes, glad she isn't severe.
Half the time there is obstruction and that is why he agrees the tonsils and adenoids should come out. He said it won't help her completely, but it will help and she may sleep better.
I have been praying that we will be told what we need to do for Lily so I am going with this as it is supposed to be. But I am not gonna lie, I do not want to put her through this. Breaks my heart.
I have been around 3 people who have had those taken out in the past years and they all said it hurts. Hurts bad.
As a strep throat every year kind of gal (3x in 2010) I know that a sore throat can bring you to a crying little girl. It was me last year, just wanting death to take me away. The only comfort is I know she will get good meds and we will have to keep it up every 4 hours and maybe that way if we are proactive, she will not be too miserable. But with no caregivers right now and not even a sight of one in the near future, I am a little worried about taking good care of her and not letting the crazy other two make things too hectic for Lily bug. I was thinking we should do it during fall break but then thought her home all week long with her brother and sister all house bound? Maybe not such a great idea. They should be calling to schedule so we will get that done and plan accordingly. She will stay one night in the hospital if all goes well, so that is actually a good thing. I feel better having help from nurses after things like that.
Pray for Lily and her mama's heart as we get ready for yet another surgery.
2012.... please tell me you have a rainbow with a bag of pedicures and facials at the end of it. Please.

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