Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reason number 1280 why home schooling is not for us

Andi Jane: Mom, what makes orange?
Me: Nothing
AJ: No what colors do you mix to make orange
Me: Orange is a primary color, you start with it
AJ: No Mom, you mix it
Me: No you mix orange and yellow to make red
AJ: No mom! We made orange in school.
Me: What did you mix? Brown and yellow?
AJ: No! Oh I know! We mixed yellow and red!
Me: Oh that’s right, red is the primary color.

Apparently I am not smarted than a preschooler. (I am totally humbling myself just by sharing this story)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Garden Anyone?

I have been asking (read: begging) for a garden for some time now. Andrew's dad had a nice one so I know Andrew knows how to do it. Aunt Gloria and Bill have a nice one and when I went to my friend Julie's house and saw hers and we ate salad with tomato's from it, that was it! I WANT A GARDEN! So after much whining Andrew finally built me one. He brought someone to help him and they spend 8 hours building this:

He made planted all kinds of goodies and marked each spot so nicely, it was so cute!

Then he leaves for awhile, I wasn't home yet, when I get home I hear a whole lot of yelling and see a whole lot of muddy dogs. Uh oh. I did mention we really shouldn't do it without a fence, first, but it really wasn't a good time for I told you so. So what took Andrew 8 hours to build, it took the dogs about 30 minutes to dig up.

After much complaining and lots of words that would make a sailor blush, Andrew raked it back up and put in a fence, a fence that I'm sure that has shorten his life by several years, he was not loving that project.

So here is the final product:

We aren't sure if anything will grow and most likely if anything does grow it will be snap peas next to tomato's, zucchini intertwined with carrots. Maybe we will make the first "oniotte". But this is our first run, a trial round before spring. I will keep you posted with how this turns out.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

For Grandma Nancy

My mom is so funny. This link is for her CLICK HERE

She calls me the other day and says "do you want to go to see Grease it is at the Dodge Theater, Taylor Swift is in it?", "Wow! Really? Isn't she on tour? How is she is a play as well? What does she play Sandy?", mom says she really doesn't know. Then boom it dawned on me...."Taylor HICKS, mom, Taylor HICKS and no thanks."
Not that I wasn't all for the "soul patrol", but I've seen the play before and it couldn't compare to the movie if it tried, and don't try to tell me they tried, they did not.
Anyway, my mom makes me laugh and this SNL skit came to my head the minute that conversation happened.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Much Better

Lily stayed home yesterday and we all went to a local farm that has a fun pumpkin patch/harvest festival. She didn't cry once. She loved playing hooky I'm sure. She was a little fussy for her nurse in the evening but it only lasted 30 minutes and after the hours she was going the previous days, 30 minutes is nothing. I'm thinking next week will finally be normal again. What a long fall break. First week Andi sick, next week Lily and Oliver sick, third week surgery.
OMG! Oliver just took off his diaper, laughed, crawled naked butt across the floor, peed, held his little pee pee, laughed again, then pooped! Are you kidding me? Andi was well over a year when we had to put her diapers on backwards. I have to go bathe him.
Anyway, Lily is much better.
Ok back from the bath...this little guy is busy!
Here are some pictures from yesterday:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cry Me a River

Lily has been having these intense crying spells that seem to never end.
She cried Tuesday from about 3-6 then passed out. Yesterday it started at 2 and lasted until about 6:30 when she passed out and today she was doing good, I took her to school for a bit, but got called two hours later. She has been crying since noon. It is 2:15pm and I finally put her in her bed. She's had Tylenol, I don't know what else to do for her. She has some swelling, but no redness, no oozing, she has no fever. I don't know what to do with her. It is so frustrating to have her screaming and have no idea what is wrong and no idea what to do. She had a crying fit the night before surgery and it makes me think maybe it isn't the surgery. She goes through periods where she does this. I've taken her to the pediatrician, the ER, Urgent Care all where they say nothing is wrong. I don't know if it is a neuro thing? Her meds haven't changed. Sigh. No idea what I am supposed to do with her.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Surgery Day

Here is information on what I will be talking about: VNS CLICK HERE
(back story)
When we checked her VNS last time at the neurologist he said if was no longer working. He hadn't checked it the past couple times we went for a visit so when it stopped we have no idea. I do know that Lily was doing fine off Vigabitrine for 6 months then while on the study all of a sudden she went crazy with seizures so was it the study med or did the VNS shut off? We had no idea so I will willing to see by having the VNS battery replaced and that is what brings us to today:

It was quite an eventful day. We get to the hospital at 6:45am; go back to pre op where we sit until 10am. They take her back and tell us it will be a short surgery. Andrew and I grab some lunch, check with my mom on the other kids (who were great) and try to relax, knowing she is in good hands, one of the best neuro surgeons in AZ is doing a simple procedure on our baby girl. I rush Andrew through lunch knowing I would feel more comfortable in the surgery waiting room and there we wait. We read Cosmo and laugh. Andrew let’s me know how right the magazine really is on pegging men. They are pretty spot on. Then in walks neuro surgeon. He is shaking his head and looks upset. My heart beats 4 times the normal rate, what is he shaking his head about? He says he has been trying to get the device to work with the new battery. He said he tried and tried and he even called the manufacturer, he came to the realization the wires around the vagus nerve are what is not working and came to talk to us. He said we really have to decide if we want to have the VNS because it can cause severe damage replacing those wires. I said absolutely not and he said he would leave them hanging just in case and just take the battery out and close her up. About close to an hour later they let us go in and see her. She is still sleeping and looks so beautiful. Eventually she wakes up; although groggy she was in a good mood. We got some pudding and gave her the meds she missed in the AM. We spend an hour or so in post op and head home. Lily was fine for about 2 hours and now the crying has begun. I’m sure she is hurting, she has a good size incision and who knows how much messing around in there they were doing trying to get the thing to work. They didn’t give her a rx for pain meds though and she just got some Motrin. She is still crying and crying hard. Poor girl.
The good news is Lily no longer has a large device near her armpit; bad news is I think it was helping her when it was working and I looked forward to having it back in and working. But we aren’t new to disappointment. Lily still has several seizures a day. She is on a full dose of Banzel and while we are seeing a difference in her drops and jerks, we are seeing more tonic clonics. Sigh. It is always something. I hate seizures.
So that is our day, Lily no longer has a VNS. She is in pain and I’m praying she will be feeling better and soon.

Monday, October 19, 2009


We have to check in at 6:45am at St. Joseph's hospital Tues Oct 20th (my dad's birthday) for the VNS replacement. I know she will be fine, she has had surgeries before, but I just hate to think of her uncomfortable and in pain. Back when she was going through testing and surgeries, being put under general anesthesia seemed par for the course. But it's been three years since her eye surgery and she hasn't had an MRI or anything, so I'm a little nervous. Plus she is older now, she understands a little more. She doesn't deal well with pain, I can't even brush her tangled hair.
So I'm asking for prayers. Prayers that they don't have to do anything with the cords in her neck and she just has the battery replaced in her chest. Prayers that she isn't in too much pain. And prayers that Oliver is good for Grandma.
I promise to update tomorrow when we get home.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Milling through

I love this video I took of Andi last year after gymnastics. She is such a goof.

Lily is still under the weather, but hey it only took Walgreens 4 days to get the Tamiflu in! Just a shade under a decade. I started her on it today. Her fever is still low grade but the cough is a loud bark. Baby boy has had the cough but the fever started this evening. Oh and both Lily and Oliver's noses are running as well. We have a humidifier in all the kids rooms. Our home sounds more like a pound than a family home. Bark Bark.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Bunch of Sickies

After Andi’s pediatrician put the fear of God in me if Lily got the swine flu I was on high alert. Yesterday morning Lily felt warm and was running a 100.3 degree fever. Under normal conditions I would just let it ride, but knowing Andi as of yesterday was on day 6 of her fever and a nasty cough, I knew I couldn’t let this ride. Lily has her VNS implant Tues the 20th, she can’t be sick and have surgery. I called and they wanted to see both the girls, Andi shouldn’t still have a fever 6 days later says the nurse. Our Dr. was out of town, nice timing Doc the whole city of Chandler/Gilbert is sick. We go in, thankfully Andrew is able to stay home with the baby so he can stay away from that disease ridden place, holy cow that was one sick waiting room. The other Dr. sees the girls and he was very throughout, he decided to do a swab test to check for influenza, something not done on Andi last week and both girls were negative. He said the test is only about 60% correct. He could hear fluid in Andi’s lungs and rx her antibiotics and said if she still has a fever on Wed to come back in. For Lily, who was at the appointment wiggy, giggly and totally not sick like, he let me make the call as far as treatment. I said with the chances of her ending up like Andi and having surgery next week let’s go with the Tamaflu. He agreed he was so nice, side note, the girls typical Dr. is very attractive so when I called Andrew to tell him I really liked the Dr that saw the girls, I had to let him know that although he was a great Dr he wasn’t as easy on the eyes. I swear I heard his eyes roll. I like to keep it real though.
Anyway, Walgreens still hasn’t gotten the Tamaflu in yet. This morning Lily is only running at 99 and she ate and is in fine spirits, I think I will still give her the med though. Andi still has a fever, today is day 7 but we’ll see what the antibiotics do. I doubt she is still contagious. We’ve been home bound for freaking ever! I’m dying here! The girls still have fall break and we haven’t done jack squat.
I’ve given everyone who comes to our home the option to not come and pretty much everyone has stayed away, but Lily’s new hab/attendant care worker has still been coming and has been so helpful. Yesterday Lily wasn’t up to working so she used her attendant hours to clean around the house. It was so nice! And as much as I adore Lily, it is nice to take a little break from feeding her, changing her, brushing her teeth, etc and she did that all for me. She is coming tomorrow too.
I’m crossing every finger and toe that we can at least get to the State Fair this Friday, the admission is only a dollar and would be a fun way to close up this crappy break. Although Lily isn’t due back to school until the 21st and she won’t go back then due to the surgery, her fall break will continue much longer. Andi however will be back to school Monday at 12:30pm. Oh yes she will.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oink Oink

103 degree fever, chills, cough, sore throat, tummy ache, all signs point to swine flu. Or so says the doctor. He is the least worry wart doctor we've ever met so when he said that, I believe him. He says Andi should be fine, she will need rest, fluids, and to stay away from her siblings.
He is very concerned about Lily getting it. He said the minute she gets a fever and cough bring her in for the tamaflu. We're just going to pray Andi is the only one affected. She is our toughie so she'll be fine. Oliver and Lily maybe not so much.
Andi was a bit delirious yesterday, but she was still so cute. It's funny how she can be so sick and act so sweet and other times be healthy as a horse and act the like hind end of a horse.
Her voice is really hoarse (horse, hoarse, ha ha) and last night she said "I like the way I sound now, it is much better than the way I used to talk". I had to laugh because earlier that evening Andrew and I were saying she sounds more like Kandi than Andi, if you catch my drift. For those of you who don't we meant she sounds like a stripper. I'm not sure if that is really how strippers sound, not sure if I know any strippers, I mean I guess I could, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors, but I guess it isn't nice to say people with hoarse voices sound like! Was that a tangent or what? Errrr let's steer this back on track.
Last night I was thinking about the olden days, and kids in third world countries and how they handle being sick. Andi went about 8 hours yesterday without Motrin and that kid was sick. I mean sick. Her face was hot, her cheeks bright pink, chills, she'd say silly things, I just can't imagine what it would be like to not have something as simple as Motrin for sickness. I guess that is how kids died back in the past and now in places where they can't get Motrin. How devastating is that thought? Heartbreaking. Makes me want to buy a bunch and send it out. Is there a program for that? I mean Starbucks sends coffee to troops. There has to be Motrin to kids who need it program. Tangent, but a better one this time.
I want to give a little Andi brag since she is so cute and sweet when she is sick. Still running at 100 even with Motrin right now. I was catching up with Oprah and there is a mom who was burned pretty badly in a plane crash, her story was pretty popular on the blogs. Anyway, she was very inspirational and Andi saw her and said "she is beautiful just the way she is". Sniff sniff.
Pray Lily and Oliver can stay oink free please.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Break

We are on day 3 of fall break. Both our girls are on a modified year round schedule, they go for 9 weeks and take two off all year long until the 6 week summer break.
The first day we went to the park. The second day we went to the zoo. The third day we will be going to the pediatrician. Sigh. Andi Jane spiked a fever last night and it's still running strong. I wouldn't take her to the doctor except for her tongue is white and her throat hurts and man alive her breath smells like she dined on a poop sandwich. We can't get in until 4:45pm but it works out well since Andrew can be home with the other two. Lily has PT at 5pm and Oliver is sleeping so I'd like him to continue doing that. I'm worried she has strep. I'd hate for the other kiddos to get it. Andi Jane has been so clingy, I get it, but ugh! She wants to be on my lap, she won't nap, she just wants on me. She wants me to feed her when I am trying to feed Lily and Oliver and I get it, I do, but it's hard. I am praying whatever it is will be over quick and if antibiotics will kick it then we want them now.
Lily is doing better on the new med. Her jerks and drops really seem to be less in frequency and she isn't tired anymore. Her appetite is still not the same and we still have two more increases so she's living off pedisure and probably will be for the next few weeks.
The timing is so dumb, she will have her VNS battery replaced on the 20th. She goes back to school on the 21st. So her fall break will probably end up being 3 weeks long. I did get her on the cancellation list and told the nurse she is off school and this week or next would be much better, but I doubt she'll get in any sooner.
So that is the happenings over here. I will update what happens at the Dr's when we get home. My poor spunky girl.
Not so spunky.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Do you think Mr. Bubbles or Ikea had this in mind when they developed their products?

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